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College of Engineering


  Established with the foundation of the National Taiwan Institute of Technology in 1974, the College of Engineering belongs to the core structure of Taiwan Tech. With more than 3500 students, among them more than 350 doctoral students, and a faculty of around 140, the College of Engineering is the largest academic unit in Taiwan Tech. 

  It consists of four departments, the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, the Department of Civil and Construction Engineering, the Department of Chemical Engineering, and a Graduate Institute of Automation & Control.

  Furthermore, the College of Engineering has three unique programs, the Bachelor of Engineering program (was launched in 2006), the Executive Master of Research and Development Program (was launched in 2015) and the International Advanced Technology Program, an all English-taught interdisciplinary undergraduate program, was launched in 2018, reflecting our continuous efforts of internationalizing our student body and faculty.

  In addition to Bachelor, Master and PhD programs in all areas of engineering, the College of Engineering has recently established eleven multi-disciplinary programs at undergraduate and graduate level in an attempt to keep abreast of new developments in technology and responding to the needs of the industry. Examples are the Intelligent Vehicles Program, the Environmental Engineering Program, or the Program for Semiconductor Industry. These programs reflect our close ties with industry, both local and international, which is a particular strength of Taiwan Tech in general.

  Our educational goal is to nurture globally-minded, highly trained engineers who are take in the latest developments in science, collaborate with industry, and translate their findings into solutions for real-world problems.

  The College of Engineering hosts more than 300 international students from all over the world, and encourages NTUST students to spend exchange programs at one of our international partner schools or partner departments. For internationalization, College of Engineering began to actively recruit international graduate students since 2003. Currently, more than 60% of the courses at graduate level are offered in English.


Teachers & Students Statistics

  • Professors: 79
  • Associate Professors: 41
  • Assistant Professors: 18
  • PhD Students: 304
  • Master Students: 1,404
  • Undergraduate Students: 2,002

(Update: 2020/11/10)

Map of the College of Engineering