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J. C. Liu (劉志成)

Dean, College of Engineering

Tel:886-2-2737-6545 / 2737-6546





PhD. in Environmental Engineering, University of Delaware (1990)
MS in Environmental Engineering, National Taiwan University (1982)
BS in Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University (1980)


Work Experience

  • Dean, College of Engineering, Taiwan Tech (2016.08 – present)
  • Director, Office of Environment, Safety and Hygiene, Taiwan Tech (2013.08 – present)
  • Chairman, Department of Chemical Engineering, Taiwan Tech (2010.08 – 2013.07)
  • Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Taiwan Tech (1997.02 - present)
  • Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Taiwan Tech (1990.02 – 1997.01)



  • Board member of Environment and Resource Research Institute (2005.06 – 2009.05)
  • Board member of the Environmental Stewardship Association (2003.03 - 2009.03)
  • Chairman, Taiwan Environmental Protection Union (1991.11 – 1993.11)
  • International Water Association
  • Taiwanese Institute of Environmental Engineers
  • Taiwanese Institute of Chemical Engineers


Research Fields

  • Physical-chemical processes for water and wastewater treatment and reuse.
    (1) Treatment and reuse of high-tech wastewater.
    (2) Separation of algae and colloids from water.
  • Rare metals in electronic sludge and e-wastes.
    (1) Release of rare metals from electronic sludge.
    (2) Extraction and recovery of rare metals from e-wastes.


Selected Refereed Publications

1. Chuan, M. C., G. Y. Shu, and J. C. Liu*, "Solubility of Heavy Metals in a Contaminated Soil: Effects of Redox Potential and pH", Wat. Air & Soil Pollt., Vol. 90, 543-556(1996).
2. Huang, C. J. and J. C. Liu*, "Precipitate Flotation of Fluoride-Containing Wastewater from a Semiconductor Manufacturer", Wat. Res., Vol. 33, 3403-3412(1999).
3. Hung, M. T. and J. C. Liu*, “Microfiltration for separation of algae from water”, Colloids Surfaces B, Vol. 51, 157-164(2006).
4. Warmadewanthi and J. C. Liu*, “Recovery of phosphate and ammonium as struvite from semiconductor wastewater”, Sep. Purif. Technol., Vol. 64, No. 3, 368-373(2009).
5. L. Kentjono, J.C. Liu*, W.C. Chang, and C. Irawan, “Removal of boron and iodine from optoelectronic wastewater using Mg-Al(NO3) layered double hydroxide”, Desalination, Vol. 262, No. 1-3, 280-283(2010).
6. Nguyen, T.L., D.J. Lee, J.S. Chang, J.C. Liu* “Effects of ozone and peroxone on algal separation via dispersed air flotation”, Colloids Surfaces B, Vol. 105, No. 246-250 (2013).
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