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J. C. Liu (劉志成)

Vice president, NTUST

Dean, College of Engineering

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech)
43 Keelung Road, Section 4, Taipei, 106 TAIWAN


PhD. in Environmental Engineering, University of Delaware (1990)
MS in Environmental Engineering, National Taiwan University (1982)
BS in Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University (1980)

Work Experience

  • Dean, College of Engineering, Taiwan Tech (2016.08 – present)
  • Director, Office of Environment, Safety and Hygiene, Taiwan Tech (2013.08 – present)
  • Chairman, Department of Chemical Engineering, Taiwan Tech (2010.08 – 2013.07)
  • Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Taiwan Tech (1997.02 - present)
  • Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Taiwan Tech (1990.02 – 1997.01)


  • Board member of Taiwan CPC (2017.06 - 2019.06)
  • Board member of Environment and Resource Research Institute (2005.06 – 2009.05)
  • Board member of the Environmental Stewardship Association (2003.03 - 2009.03)
  • Chairman, Taiwan Environmental Protection Union (1991.11 – 1993.11)
  • International Water Association
  • Taiwanese Institute of Environmental Engineers
  • Taiwanese Institute of Chemical Engineers

Research Fields

  • Physical-chemical processes for water and wastewater treatment and reuse.
    (1) Treatment and reuse of high-tech wastewater.
    (2) Separation of algae and colloids from water.
  • Rare metals in electronic sludge and e-wastes.
    (1) Release of rare metals from electronic sludge.
    (2) Extraction and recovery of rare metals from e-wastes.

Selected Refereed Publications

1. E.Y. Lin, A. Rahmawati, J.H. Ko, and J.C. Liu*, “Extraction of yttrium and europium from waste cathode-ray tube (CRT) phosphor by subcritical water”, Sep. Purif. Technol., Vol, 192, 166-175 (2018).
2.  M.T. Hung, J.C. Liu*, “Microfiltration of microalgae in the presence of rigid particles”, Sep. Purif. Technol., Vol, 198, 10-15 (2018).
3. R.J. Wu and J.C. Liu*, Removal of phosphate using ettringite synthesized from industrial by-products”. Water Air & Soil Pollut., Vol 229, 185-199 (2018).
4. H.Y. Chang, Y.L. Kuo, and J.C. Liu*, “Fluoride at waste oyster shell surfaces - Role of magnesium. Sci. Total Environ., Vol. 652, 1331-1338 (2019).
5. A. Rahmawati, S. Ismadji, Y. Ku, and J.C. Liu*, Indium extraction from indium tin oxide (ITO) scraps using subcritical water”, Desalin. Water Treat., Vol. 137, 69-75 (2019).
6. J. Lie, S. Ismadji, J.C. Liu*, “Microwave-assisted leaching of rare earth elements (Y and Eu) from waste cathode ray tube phosphor” J. Chem. Tech. Biotechnol., Vol. 94, 3859-3865 (2019).
7. A. Rahmawati, J.C. Liu*, “Recovery of indium from extractants of waste indium tin oxide (ITO) by aluminum cementation”, J. Mater. Cycles Waste Manag. Vol. 20, 326-322 (2020).