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Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering of NTUST (then National Taiwan Institute Technology) was founded in 1975, providing four-year and upper two-year undergraduate programs to train highly skilled personnel for Taiwan’s  emerging technological industry.  When the Graduate School of Engineering was established in 1979, the department began to offer a Master of Science program, followed by a doctoral program in 1986. 
The goal of this department is to nurture modern mechanical engineers. Following the specializations of our faculty, the Department of Mechanical Engineering is divided into five teaching units,  i.e. Design and Mechanics, Manufacturing, Thermal Science and Fluid Mechanics, Control Systems , and Materials. In addition, we offer six well-organized interdisciplinary curricula which enable our undergraduates to smoothly integrate into the job market of the advanced technology industry upon graduation.



Department of Materials Science and Engineering

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering at NTUST, established in 1975, is a well-recognized institute in the field of material  sciences in Taiwan and beyond. Our department is devoted to providing students with knowledge and engineering skills that will enable them to become leaders in materials-related industries, government agencies, and academia. 
We offer students a unique interdisciplinary academic groundwork on the basis of which they can continue developing intellectual capacity, and we offer the scholarly training needed to address complex questions in polymer engineering, electronic, ceramic, metallic, and optoelectronic materials sciences, in nano- and biotechnology. To attract international students, we are increasing our English-taught graduate programs on Master and Ph.D. levels .The department boasts 11 public research laboratories which provide excellent precious equipment  for experimental research.



Department of Civil and Construction Engineering

The Department of Civil and Construction Engineering was established in 1975 with only one undergraduate program in the beginning. In the following years, the department developed quickly, mainly offering sub-degree and training programs for on-the job-engineers to meet the requirements of rapidly growing construction sector at that time. 
In 1979, a Graduate Institute was added offering a Master's of Science s program, followed by a doctoral program in 1983. Our Graduate Institute is currently divided into five research areas: construction management, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, construction materials and information technology. Pursuing both basic and applied research, our faculty has contributed considerably to raise the standards of the construction industry in Taiwan, and gained national and international recognition in the field of construction research.
As a part of its internationalization strategy, our department began to actively recruit international graduate students since 2005. Currently, more than half of the courses at graduate level are offered in English.



Department of Chemical Engineering

The Department of Chemical Engineering, established in 1978, is a highly recognized institution within Chemical Engineering institutes in Taiwan. The chemical engineering training of our department interfaces with chemistry, materials science, biology, electrical and civil engineering, emphasizing theoretical as well  as practical aspects following Taiwan Tech’s  tradition of an applied research university. 
Our department is devoted to enhance chemical engineering knowledge by engaging in a wide range of research that integrates the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. Both, academic research and industrial research targeting specific applications are emphasized and included in the training of our students.
In addition, the Chemical Engineering Departments (Taiwan-Tech) was launched an all-English Undergraduate Dual Degree Program between Widya Mandala Catholic University (WMCU) in 2014. After completing credit requirements, student will be offered BS degrees from WMCU and Taiwan Tech.



Graduate Institute of Automation and Control (GIAC)

The Graduate Institute of Automation and Control (GIAC) was founded to cultivate high-level professionals in response to the needs of Taiwan’s rapidly developing automated manufacturing systems sector. Combining the strengths of our departments’ faculty in the fields of automation and control with the aim of conducting interdisciplinary education and research, GIAC initiated a Master’s and PhD program in 2003 and 2007, respectively.
Currently, seven full time faculty members in combination with twenty joint-appointments from the departments of Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, and Electrical Engineering are involved in our teaching and research programs.