1090818 & 0819 Company Visit and Introduction Workshop -Wistron & IGS


On 18th August, Prof Shih, the CEO of  EMRD Program, led the internationl students to visit Wistron.

Thanks to Wistron for thier arrangement and recruitment chances!

They introduced the company profile, the organization and job content of each unit.

Furthermore taught our students about the interview skills.

Students were enjoyed this event a lot✨

To find more pictures:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/11q_sConrbmfyghmic4YI320RY52d4OxH?usp=sharing.



In the last visit of the summer vacation, we visited IGS. Thank to alumni of EMRD program  for work experience sharing speech.

Through the sharing of EMRD's alumni Mr. Geolin Ho, Department manager, and on-site visits to the R&D department of large game  showrooms,  we had an in-depth understanding of the company's products and career content.

This summer vacation was wonderful because of those visiting :)